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SERE is an acronym for Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape and originally was, and still is, a program developed by the United States military to provide its personnel and contractors with training to evade and escape capture in hostile environments. It has since moved on from there to be a term accepted worldwide for a certain level of skills and tools required to survive such situations as being kidnapped in Africa or landing in hostile territory in Afghanistan.

We provide many such approved and tested SERE tools and kit, some of our own design, some as used in approved SERE schools and kits that we have put together ourselves in unique ways to keep them close but hidden for every day carry. I would say that we have improved upon the traditional SERE tools and kit and hope that we can continue to do so.  We offer a very large range of SERE escape tools in particular.

Price is an interesting aspect of much of the SERE tools we provide, advice is free and invaluable but we import much of our products from the USA which incurs high charges in handling fees and delivery, however there is no price on safety and we do try and absorb the cost by bulk buying, we keep it reasonable where possible but do remember that we are NOT providing SERE gear which is mass produced in China but instead mainly made in the USA, although not all.

Our SERE tools and kit are spread around various categories and can be either bought in our custom made packs or individually, so do browse the above categories to see what we have available and remember; we are always researching and testing new products and adding items very regularly. We also provide outdoor survival and bushcraft kit and are looking to develop on these areas.

If you have any queries please direct them to warpigs @ I can offer advice if required, discounts if needed or if there are items you are struggling to get hold of do let me know and I will see what I can do with my contacts to get them over here.

Stay safe, Warpigs.

View many of our Custom SERE Kits and others here

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