Derma Safe Folding Razor and Saw Mil-Spec

Today we received our stock of the Derma Safe Mil-Spec Folding Razor Knife and the Folding Razor Saw. We already have in stock the standard duel folding razor knife and saw and the UST version, both of which we were not happy with but were still good little backup items being cheap, small and light in weight but we were hoping for better.

This is where some research brought us to Derma Safe and immediately on opening these the quality difference was immense. So let us start first with the Razor Knife version.

Derma Safe Folding Razor Saw

The razor itself is reassuringly stiff to come out and not loose and floppy like the others and a quick shave of the arm demonstrates the incredible sharpness of this razor. Yes you can shave with it, in fact I drew blood. The other models are no where near as sharp and although they make a decent cutting tool the Derma Safe makes an exceptional cutting tool and sometimes what you need is perfection which these offer.

The saw version again has that reassuring stiffness and has a Swiss made Bosh blade as opposed to the cheap Chinese saw blade of the others.  This will easily cut through most metals and wood, all be it this is not designed as a primary saw.

The only drawback is that it would have been nice to see it come as one package with the razor and saw included, but for the quality I am happy to either carry both or my preferred tool.

A little about Derma Safe

Derma-Safe has been manufacturing and distributing shaving and utility products for over 30 years. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products possible at reasonable prices. All our products are designed and manufactured in our plant in NJ with this in mind. We are currently manufacturing folding razor knives (HR207) to Mil Spec. R-365408 which are used by the U.S. Military. We also added the SERE folding Utility Saw, which uses the same handle as our knife, with a Swiss made 12 or 18 TPI saw blade installed, both are being used in many private survival kits. We have become more diverse over the years and added aquatic weed control products to our line, for those who live on lakes.

Our products are currently used by: The United States Military, Survival Kit Manufacturers, Bread Manufacturing for top slitting, Electricians, Painters/Detailers, Sewing Industry, Fishermen, Outdoorsmen, and Hobbyists.

We are the the only UK stockists of this quality Mil-Spec item and import these direct from the USA. An excellent quality but still low cost and I would say essential tool due to its small size, light weight and incredible quality.

We also stock the lesser quality versions, for the moment anyway and let me tell you why.

These come with both the razor and the saw included in a neat package, and although no where near the same quality it still provides a neatly packaged toolset for EDC/Survival tins.  Most other survival and/or protection style websites stock these and they do so for a reason, as such we will still sell them but as you can see we ourselves place preference on the Derma Safe versions due to the mil-spec quality.

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