Custom Outdoor Survival Kit Dev

Still working on this kit and have a few minor modifications to do to it yet. However having looked at the many survival kits on the market it has become very apparent that 85% are cheap Chinese, packed full of useless junk. This kit is not only a survival kit but an everyday outdoors carry and bug out bag option.

  • We have added a 100 ft roll of olive green 60lb kevlar, which is strong and thin enough for most applications. Shelter building, fishing, repair work, trip line etc.

  • A folding SERE school razor saw as a duel function cutting tool.

  • A SERE school 14mm button compass.

  • An 8cm ferrocerium rod, 6 sided tungsten carbide striker and 4 mil-spec tinder tabs for fire lighting.

  • A pack of ten kamasan fishing hooks

  • 8 oasis water purification tablets.

  • 2 antiseptic betadine plasters and an alcohol wipe. We will be upgrading the alcahol wipe to two smaller ones we have on order.

The medi kit will be wrapped in a 2 litre food grade bag which doubles up as a water carrier and everything fits into the cases supplied to us by the great folks at in the USA.

We are missing a signalling device which we may add, however we see no point in adding items for the sake of it so the cheap thin signal mirrors are out. This leaves us with the option of a super loud whistle, ACME make some good ones and we have them in stock so may add this in.

Now completed, without a signaling device.  Click here to Purchase our Custom Survival Kit

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Custom Survival Kit

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