Boker Gnome Neck Knife

Boker Plus Gnome Neck Knife by Jasper Voxneas.

Boker GnomeMy first impressions of this knife were initially very good, great name, lovely design, quality steel, good grind , cool looking  handle, rubbish sheath, so 5/6 not a bad start. Since then however perhaps my biggest disappointment is with Boker, like I said my initial impressions were good, OK so it’s made in China, again as I said earlier I can hardly fault the knife  (ace design, steel, finish etc) so “call me a blade snob”  but when I get a knife with the Boker stamp on the blade I want a German built knife, if I knew beforehand  (and hands up here, my fault entirely for not researching properly what the PLUS meant) that the PLUS meant “CAVEAT EMPTOR ” outsourced, would I have recommended it for the 21st Century Survival store had I known? I would have to say no.  Is it a good knife ? Yes , definitely.Would I still carry it ? Probably. Do I still like it as much now knowing it’s only purporting to be Boker ? not so much.

So now “call me paranoid”  but before I go and spend $300 – £220 on a William H Harsey, “Applegate” to backup my Carl Schlieper, I’m just going to have to do a little bit extra research, “just to make sure I’m getting a knife with some real Solingen history”.

Maker Boker Plus = China/Taiwan.

Model Gnome.

Blade 12c27 steel.

Blade Length 2″.

Overall length 4″.

Handle green canvas Micarta.

Weight 2oz.

Sheath Kaydex.

Handle options include Antler or Olive wood.

Usual price starting around £35 for the Micarta model.

reviewed by ( StormCrow ) AKA Paranoid Knife Snob 😉

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