Universal Button Handcuff Key


The Universal Button Handcuff Key in thermoplastic resin blend, ideal for beating metal detection.  A covert HIPS (Hidden In Plain Sight) item which works on all standard handcuffs, tested ourselves on rigid TCH 840 police issue handcuffs and Hiatt chained handcuffs.

This handcuff key breaks away from its housing and easily stitched/attached onto clothes for discreet placement and also has a pin for double locking if it is to be used against someone as opposed to for escape.

Covert HIPS Universal Button Handcuff Key in breakaway housing for easy access.

Designed as a round and flat molded device not readily identifiable as a handcuff key, this universal handcuff key can be hidden under a wrist watch or behind a standard shirt button of a law enforcement button of a law enforcement officer of security person and which can be silently retrieved and utilized by separating the key portion from the surrounding molded support ring structure with the use of the thumb, index finger and middle finger.

In general, manufacturers of handcuffs include a standard “L” shaped metal handcuff key with each new set of handcuffs. A standard handcuff key is universal in the way it works and can have a longer or shorter locking pin, a longer or shorter shank with a deeper or shallower barrel, but are usually configured to be carried on a key chain. When carried on a typical key chain in the pocket, the sharp edges of the tumbler and pin can snag clothing and gouge the body. Furthermore, such a key is also visible and readily identifiable as a handcuff key. Unlike this plastic handcuff key, all other handcuff keys are made from metal and are detected with a metal detector. This universal handcuff key is manufactured by injection molding out of a thermoplastic polymer material.

This universal handcuff key is made for easy concealment but can be readily accessible for emergency use. The small circular and flat construction allows it to be hidden under a wrist watch or behind a standard shirt button. The overall size and configuration is critical to the effectiveness of this inventive universal handcuff key. When this universal handcuff key is used as intended, law enforcement or security personnel cannot be restrained with their own handcuffs, whether behind their back or around an object, since the universal handcuff key is intended to be stored and hidden in an accessible manner.
Due to the specific configuration of the universal handcuff key, it can be hidden under a standard wrist watch or can alternatively be worn behind a standard shirt button such as those employed by law enforcement officers or security personnel and can be used for emergency back-up purposes due to the concealed nature. A piece of double sided tape or clear silicone may be employed to permit affixing this concealable handcuff key more securely to the back side of a standard wrist watch.

The key portion includes a gripping portion which includes two opposed indented surfaces. Emanating from the gripping portion in the left-hand direction is the key barrel having the tumbler. The barrel includes a generally cylindrical recess or blind bore having a closed wall and an opening.
Extending in the right-hand direction from the gripping portion is a locking pin that is employed, as is customary, to initiate the “cuff lock” function of a typical pair of handcuffs so that the handcuffs cannot be closed further once placed on a detainee.

In either an emergency situation when the law enforcement officer or security person has been handcuffed or during regular detainee use, this key is easily and silently removed from under the wrist watch by pushing it out or alternatively removing it from behind a standard shirt button, shirt cuff button, pant button or clothing tag. Once removed from the concealed location, the key portion is bent out by way of two flexible support hinges attached to the surrounding support portions to a skewed position between 45 and 90 degrees from the plane of the support portions by applying opposing and concurrent pressures against both the key portion and the support portions with the thumb against the key and both the index finger and the middle finger of the same hand on the opposite side of the support portions. The support portions combine together to form a support ring made up of first and second arcuate ring portions. The key will separate from the retaining ring once bent to a 45 or 90 degree angle.

The key portion is then grasped by the thumb and index finger on the concave surfaces of the gripping portion, and the key barrel and tumbler are inserted into the handcuffs. All manipulations, i.e., removal, bending out of the key and insertion into the handcuffs, can be done easily with one hand.
The small optional locking pin located at the rear of the handcuff key is used to initiate the “cuff lock” function of the handcuffs so that the handcuffs cannot be closed further once placed on a detainee.

This universal handcuff key is manufactured from thermoplastic materials polyester, for lightweight, maximum stiffness and strength to weight ratio, resistance to corrosion and non-metallic, non-magnetic properties. This material provides an optimum balance of properties including stiffness and flexural strength in the key barrel and tumbler with flexibility in the hinges and critical dimensional stability and surface smoothness for ease of insertion into and opening of the handcuff lock.

Universal “plastic” handcuff key opens all brand of cuffs. Flat, round shape conceals its purpose as a handcuff key. Made from thermoplastic resin blend, this durable, lightweight handcuff key evades metal detectors and can be hidden behind shirt and pant buttons or siliconed beneath watches and mace cans.
In the event that military or law enforcement personnel are trapped in a pair of handcuffs or related restraints, they can silently and remove these universal handcuff keys hidden on their uniforms. Using their thumb and index finger on one hand, they can silently twist out the universal cuff key from its retaining ring and unlock the cuffs. While slightly larger than a nickel the unique design of this universal handcuff key enables the user to secure the cuff key behind buttons on any type of clothing, while buttoning the clothing normally over top the key. The extremely lightweight form factor does not show on the clothing, nor does it create any telling ripples or wrinkles in the clothing.

The exact size of the unit matches the back of many watches, including the Timex Iron Man and the Casio G-Shock watches. Users can silicone the key to the back of the watch. The key blends with the shape, size and material of these watches, so its presence is seamless and undetectable.

The special material blend is critical to the function of this universal key. The cuff key is lightweight and durable enough to be used as a daily cuff key. However, the key itself can be easily and silently removed from its retaining ring with a single index finger and thumb. This “plastic” handcuff key works on all brands of handcuffs.

Existing users of the handcuff key usually wear between 4 and 12 keys on their person. In various test situations, various searches by seasoned law enforcement personnel typically only finds a few of the keys.


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