ULTIMATE EDC CAPSULE from CountyComm – Waterproof Survival Gear/Kit Holder SERE


An absolutely stunning storage capsule from County Comms. Limited Availability.

Edit….. I’ve been using this capsule for a few days now, taken it fishing, geocaching, hiking…. And I cannot praise it enough. I’ll be keeping 2 or 3 for myself, the size, weight, design are all close to perfect. In 20 years time I’ll still be using these.

The original government use is unknown for this product. We have a very limited overrun of the waterproof Ultimate EDC- Capsules®. We are not quite sure what Uncle Sam is putting in his lightweight Delrin® capsules, but we are using ours to keep small important items close and secure. Brand new, never used, overrun from government contract Cage : 5VKB6.

Tether-able with back end 1/4″ loop hole

Possible uses include:

Back Pack lanyard
Outdoor Emergency Key Holder
Stormproof matches
Emergency cash stash
Water purification tablets
Money storage

Delrin® is a lightweight, extremely stable space age polymer.
Overall length: 108 mm or 4.2″
External diameter: 57 mm or 2.24″
Internal opening: 47 mm or 1.84″
Internal depth: 84 mm or 3.3″
Weight 157 grams / 5.5 oz
Head is CNC machined hollowed out for additional storage space
Lid is secured via flange to cap seal ( Internal o-ring )
Top side unscrews
Not for food storage
U.S. Made
SPO : 698200 / DIA


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