Tinder-Quik Fire Tabs Gov Issue


Tinder-Quik Fire Tabs Gov Issue – These are small, light and cheap and an excellent fire starter, an upgrade from basic cotton balls. 20 per pack.

Imported from the USA these are genuine government and military issue Tinder Tabs. It used to be that servicemen were issued with a magnesium block and striker/scraper but nowadays these are what they get and the reason for that is simple….These are brilliant wet or dry fire starters, simply tease them apart and fluff them up and get 1-2 mins of flame to start your fire with. In the wet I recommend two. They are wax impregnated and light. Invaluable to any survival tin, bug out bag, EDC or expedition/camp/hike.

The USA Military Issue and Mil-Spec Tinder tabs need teased apart and fluffed up until half way down and they will easily catch a spark from the ferro rod.


In packs of 20


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