Straight Handcuff Shim


Straight handcuff shim for escape and evasion, an excellent micro-tool made from spring steel and compatible with all standard ratchet handcuffs.



Straight Handcuff/Plasticuff shim for escape and evasion and SERE, and easily hidden about the body and clothing.  We have tried and  tested this shim ourselves and it works perfectly on universal handcuffs, particularly TCH and Hiatt.  When cuffed to the rear and after a bit of practice its actually quicker to shim the handcuffs open than it is to use the key.  A basic but  indispensable EDC  piece of kit.

A hole for a split ring or can be stitched onto clothing or a thin lanyard added directly to it.

Easily magnetised and light enough to float on a cork or bottle top as a survival situation get you home compass.

Dimensions 38x4mm


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