18mm Silva 40 H luminous E&E Compass.


Silva 40 Sere Military Button Compass – Out of production now and not many left on the market.

Out of stock – trying to locate more, sorry.

This emergency compass is worn around the soldiers’ neck and due to its small size, or can be swallowed if necessary ( not recommended ). It’s basically a 3 gram survival kit.  Limited to basic navigation only ie orientate a map to magnetic North or simply following a rough heading, during daylight or poor visibility. For the size and limitations of a E&E button compass this could easily prove invaluable in a survival situation. In a tight corner when  ” push comes to shove “ this bad boy could make all the difference.

Usable luminosity 1 -2 hours after a short charge from a torch.

Silva no longer make these and we do not have a large stock so if you like these compasses it is recommended you buy now before they become scarce and run out.

Type of compass: General direction finder
Compass capsule / needle
Sighting System: No
Magnifying lens: No
Declination adjustment: No
Clinometer: No
Illumination: 1-2 hours
Luminous compound: EverglowTM
Hole for nylon line attachment
Available graduations: Cardinal points N, E, S, W
Resolution degrees / mils » 45 =
Settling time from 90 degree angle to complete rest » 6 sec
Accuracy » 5 degrees (89 mils)
Waterproof » IP68 – (more than 100 m)
Altitude use » 2000m@-10 C
Impact resistance » 30g in XYZ directions and free fall from 1,5 m height into gravel
Temperature operating range » -10 to + 50 C
Material » Acrylic
Size (mm) » 18mm diameter
Weight g » 8


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