Pyro Band Fire Starter


Pyro Band Fire Starter / Striker and Ferro Rod

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The Pyro-Band is a safe, convenient and covert way to always have the means to create fire. Worn as a wristband, the integral ferrocerium rod is not only the fire source, but also serves as the band’s clasp/connector. Rapidly scraping the rod with a sharp edge, such as a knife blade, will send out a shower of sparks that can ignite appropriate tinder to light a fire. A great way to always have a basic piece of survival gear close at hand.

Includes a separate emergency striker blade. The wristband can be cut down to fit any wrist size. Color: black. Ferrocerium rod size: 3/16″ x approx. 1″. Weight: 0.5 oz. Made in USA. Patent pending.


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