“Plan B” E&E SERE Kit


Part of the Micro E&E & SERE Equipment Series”.


Covering, Restraint Removal, Basic Navigation, Emergency Light Source, Tinder & Fire Lighting.


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The primary idea intended behind this kit was to select and compile a compact and effective range of tools as a standalone E&E package placing the major emphasis on restraint removal.

All the selected E&E tools here are intended to be hidden and dispersed throughout the wearers clothing and footwear, hopefully offering a viable option available to hand in any close-bound body position.

Kit includes.

1x  “TIHK”  ( Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key ) A low-profile universal key made from thermoplastic resin for zero-magnetic signature and designed as a low-profile “HIPS” item “Hidden In Plain Sight” with a low-visibility coating and should pass any quick pat down.

1x  Diamond Wire 70mm . Made from various grades of diamond grit permanently bonded to a 70mm steel rod. This is a very impressive saw and will cut through almost anything, at least anything on the Mohs hardness scale with a value of 9 or less, 10 being Diamond,  Steel 4-4.5 , Titanium 6, Hardened Steel and Tungsten 7.5-8.  ” It’s hard ”  we’ve  tested it ourselves by cutting though an old woodworkers steel rasp,  volume was of a slight issue, but on softer materiel for example flexi cuffs with barley any audible noise.  Although made of an extremely hard and durable material and capable of enduring nearly any protracted task the wire saw is perhaps best deployed in more constructive projects for example shaping lock picks. The ideal option to complement any serious E&E or SERE tool kit.

1x  Grade AA 14mm  Liquid- filled Button Compass. Water resistant to 3 ATM ( 30 meters ) 100ft, with a working temperature  range of -29 to 49C  (-20 to 120F ).

1x Straight steel handcuff shim, with a hole for a split ring so can easily be stitched into clothing or secured by a thin lanyard.

1x  Technora 400lb 0ne meter of braided cord  /”Thermal Friction Saw“/ for quickly removing  flexi/plasticuffs  rope, cord or tape bindings.

1x  MIL-SPEC 1.5″ Mini Cyalume Emergency Light-Stick Green. USA made by Cyallume technologies and best before 09/16

1x  Baddest Bee Fire Fuse, a premium quality weather-resistant fire tinder.

1x  Micro Ferrocerium Rod 30 x 4mm  for emergency fire lighting and signalling.



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