Mini Titaner Titanium EDC Grappling Hook


Mini Titaner Titanium EDC Grappling Hook for EDC, Triplines, Escape etc.

The Titaner Titanium EDC Grappling Hook is a lightweight, high quality pocket size hook ideal for getting you out of those annoying tricky situations. Hooks are stored safely and conveniently inside the watertight titanium tube. Attach to a lanyard, keys or bags and you’ll always have it hand. Supplied with carry pouch.
Excellent for retrieving items, placing cord/string over bodies of water and walls, activating triplines and dragging items.
This is not for climbing, although may help for assisted traction.
Compact and lightweight
TC4 Titanium
Produced using CNC process
Corrosion resistant
Unique design and excellent workmanship
Container outer Diameter: 19.4mm
Container internal Diameter: 13.2mm
Container Length: 52mm
Hook Diameter: 5.7mm
Hook length: 36.7mm
Net weight: 45g


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