Mini Pico Grappling Hook


CountyComm  CAGE U.S.A. Pico Grappling Hook

After the success of the “Pocket & Micro grappling hooks”, EOD Robotics, Inc. was asked to produce an even smaller version that can be easily carried and hand thrown or deployed with a fishing rod and affordable by the average soldier.

This is a light weight, reusable grappling hook to be used to snag trip wires or command detonation wires on (IEDs) in a combat environment. Designed to be small enough to carry, but big enough to complete it’s mission.

Not only useful for the military though, these grappling hooks can aid escape, help retrieve items from bodies of water, or even just a ball/shoe from a roof. You can place lines over water and walls with them and best of all they are so small, light and compact that you can carry them on your person at all times.  Purchased with our kevlar or technora cordage they make a mean pair.

Entirely made of stainless steel
O-ring sealed storage compartment
Attachment point will handle 550 or smaller cord ( Ideal for Tether cord, Spectra and other small cordage )
Non Magnetic
15.6 grams ( 1/3 the weight of the Micro Grappling Hook )
SPG Cage: 4QK35





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