Micro Escape & Evasion “SERE” Kit


Part of the “Micro E&E & SERE Equipment Series”.

A compact E&E / SERE survival kit:  covering some fundamental E&E requirements  including  Restraint Removal,  Fire Lighting and Rudimentary Navigation.

Extension kits available in the “Micro E&E & SERE Equipment Series”  include.

Micro Cutting Tool’s Pack.

Covert Carry & HIPS Handcuff Key Set.

Cordage Pack Available Soon.

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Part of the Micro E&E & SERE Equipment Series”.

Here we have some entry level micro E&E / SERE  survival kit, covering some primary E&E requirements.


Kit contents include

One:  “TIHK”  ( Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key ) A low-profile universal key made from thermoplastic resin so no magnetic signature and  designed as a low-profile “HIPS” item “Hidden In Plain Sight” with a low-visibility coating and should  pass any quick pat down. Tried and tested by ourselves on and compatible with TCH and Haitt handcuffs.*

One: Straight steel handcuff/flexicuff shim, used to quickly remove single locked handcuffs or flexicuffs. The shim also has a hole for split ring and to help aid mounting options.

One: Grade A 9mm Japanese made liquid-filled micro none-luminous compass, with a working temperature range of -29 to 49C (-20 to 120F) water resistant to 3 ATM  ( 30 Meters )  100ft, ( for emergency navigation only ).* 

One: UST Micro Spark Wheel Fire Starter  Brass HxWxD 38 x 10 x 6mm Weight  5.70g.


*The TINK key should be hidden discreatly but still within easy reach for quick deployment  ie on a belt-loop, button hole, a watch-strap is a particularly good position .

*The shim can easily be hidden in clothing , footwear, belt or permanently secured to the back of a watch or dogtag as a EDC with waterproof black tape.

* The shim can also be easily magnetized and then used as a makeshift compass by floating it on something like a plastic bottle cap or leaf.  Sorry I can’t do this prior to shipping as it’s important to keep the compass away from any other magnetised source.

*A 9mm micro compass is a compromise and favouring it’s surreptitious requirements size and it’s covert nature deemed paramount over function, and as such, any compass without a base-plate or sighting system  is limited to the most rudimentary navigation only ie: to orientate a map to magnetic North or maintaining a rough bearing during daylight or in poor visibility, but never the less an invaluable tool without which no survival kit would be complete.

Cutting Tools Extension Pack Available.



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