Kevlar Trip Line / Wire 80lb Olive Green


100ft Kevlar 60lb Olive Green Trip Line / Survival Cordage housed in a compact flexible clam-shell spool for quick and easy deployment.

Welcome to a new generation in 21st Century Survival cordage with OD green, braided 8 strand, multi-filament, silicon coated kevlar cord housed in a compact and flexible 45mm clam-shell spool for quick deployment.

Trip wires and lines are traditionally used as alarms to protect you from intruders, they can be deployed as path guards and around your camp or property with low or hi tech solutions from a bundle of tin cans for a rattle, through to a discreet silent based alarm (raise and fall of a flag) or for pyrotechnics to scare animals or humans off or alert you to their presence.  How to make a trip wire alarm is up to you depending on your situation and there are a multitude of types and styles.  This line can also be used for airsoft trip wire mines.

The kevlar trip line we provide is perfect for outdoor survival situations, it is strong and thin, probably the best on the market and certainly the only one in the UK for sale of this quality.  This survival trip line also doubles up as a friction saw, repair thread, strong fishing line and a multitude of other uses.


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