Fully Loaded Tad Gear EDC SERE Pouch. Military – Escape & Evasion


A custom made Escape and Evasion Kit for EDC. Unique to 21st Century Survival

Our revised 21st Century Survival Tad Gear EDC SERE Pouch. Contents Included.

An everyday carry item, ether for civilian or military use. Ideal for those traveling in high risk areas


SERE School Folding Razor Saw

Titaner Titanium Toothpick Tool

Entry/Exit Kit

Magnetized Diamond Wire Saw
(This may occasionally need re-magnetized. (Floated on water on a leaf/bottle top etc the red end will point North)
(Hardened diamond grit saw which will cut through chains/handcuffs etc)

Delta Advanced Handcuff Key (AHK3)

Fresnel Lens (not in image)

EZ Decoder/Quick Stick Set

12ft Black 180lb Kevlar Cord
12ft Marine Orange Kevlar Lazer Line Cord 200lb
(both work as friction/escape cordage)

1.5inch Green Cyalume Chemlight

White Ceramic Razor
Advanced Split Pal Handcuff Shim
(Both housed in the micro wallet)

All neatly housed in the Tad Gear Tool Roll.


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