Diamond Wire Saw 70mm


Diamond Wire Saw, given time, this saw will cut through just about anything.

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Made by bonding various grades of diamond grit to a 70mm spring steel rod. This saw will cut through almost anything, well anything on the Mohs hardness scale value of 9 or less, 10 being Diamond,  Steel 4-4.5 , Titanium 6, Hardened Steel and Tungsten 7.5-8.  ” It’s hard ”  we’ve  tested it ourselves by cutting though an old woodworkers steel rasp,  however volume was of a slight issue, but on softer materiel for example flexi cuffs with barley any audible noise.  Although made of an extremely hard and durable material and up to almost any protracted task the wire saw is possibly better deployed  quickly and quietly cutting PlastiCuffs, alternatively used the wire as a shaping file on more constructive projects. The ideal option to complement any serious E&E or SERE tool kit.

I would highly recommend watch the technique developed by SF and SERE instructor Kelly Alwood on YouTube .

The Diamond Wire Saw a must have item for any serous E&E kit…





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