Derma-Safe Folding Saw


Derma-Safe Razor Saw with Swiss Made Bosch Blade

The SERE Pocket Survival Saw By Derma-Safe Company
This Folding Utility Saw uses a High Speed Steel saw blade that folds into a compact handle..

“This saw is great for the outdoorsman and perfect for survival kits… ”

The Saw Has:

The highest quality Swiss made 12 and 18 tpi High Speed Steel Blade available.
A medium impact plastic handle.
It’s a convenient, low cost utility saw. That can replace wire style hand saws..
One hand operation, cuts metals, wood, ice, bone….
It weighs less than 8 grams with a closed length of less then 3 inches

As such it is a pocket size tree pruner, hobby saw, carving instrument, handymans’ helper, sheet rock saw and an escape artist tool. There are so may uses for it, and more and more become evident everyday.


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