Dark Arts Escape and Evasion Survival Kit. now supplied with Photon II White Beam Thumb Torch.


A comprehensive multi scenario survival/ E&E SERE kit comprising some of the latest cutting edge products and materials available. This is unlike any other survival kit you will ever find and has taken years of expertise and sourcing to put together.  Sent signed for delivery only.


Note: See also any current issue kit revisions below.



The 21st Century Dark Arts Survival Kit

Giving You An Edge in Hostile Environments

Now Supplied With Photon II White Beam,

An extensive escape and evasion survival kit which has taken years of testing, expertise and sourcing to put together.

This will be sent special delivery only due to its high value

The kit also contains some smaller backup kits such as the Plan B kit which is intended to be redeployed and layered throughout your clothing and footwear.


SHOMER-TEC Access Card  Kit amendment  “Now in sexy Black”

CountyComms Pico Grappling Hook (for item retrieval and triggering trip-lines and booby-traps

CountyComms 11mm Brass Micro Compass

Titaner Titanium Pry Bar
Titaner Titanium Toothpick
Ultimate Survival Technologies Micro SparkWheel
Kevlar 50ft 80LB Tripline
Technora 400LB Cordage, 12ft (fire resistant friction cordage with multiple functions) Technora
Live Fire emergency fire starter 15g Sport tin
UCO Stormproof Matches x6 + Striker
Diamond Wire Saw (a small but powerful saw that will cut through almost any substance)
Folding Razor Saw
Handcuff Key Shim & Split Pawl Handcuff Key Shim (for bypassing ratchets on standard and advanced handcuffs when not double locked, not all handcuffs can be double locked)
Ceramic Razor Blade (razor sharp and undetectable by metal detectors, also small and easily concealed)
Black V Cutter Tool (add lanyard to this, for easy cutting of cordage such as paracord and seatbelts)
1x EZ Decoders (for bypassing combination padlocks)
1x QuickStick (for bypassing some padlocks)
Cyalume Chemlight 1.5 inch (exp 07 2018)
Kamasan Needle Point Size 6 Fishing Hooks
US SHELBY CO P38 Tin Opener
Fresnel Lens (for magnification and fire lighting by sunlight)
Celox Blood Clotting Powder 2 grams (exp 2019)
Sterets Alcohol Swab
Oasis water purification tablets x8
Hard Case Survival Black EDC Container as used by Special Forces, with SOLAS Signal Tape inside lid.

This kit also includes the following 21st century custom kits.

21st Century Survival’s “Plan B” E&E SERE Kit: (14mm SERE Compass, diamond wire saw, TIHK Handcuff Key, Handcuff Shim, Fire Bee Tinder, Micro Ferro Rod, 1 meter of 400lb Technora, 1.5inch Cyalume Chemlight)
21st Century Survival’s Advanced Handcuff Key 6 pc Set: (TIHK “Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key” , Smith & Wesson Handcuff Key, Custom HIPS ZipperPull Handcuff key, Delta Advanced handcuff key (AHK3) ” Now supplied with R clip, Bootlace Handcuff Key and one 2 part Millspec plastic resin HydaKey.
21st Century’s Survival’s Signalling Kit: ( Titaner Titanium , 110 decibels whistle & Photon 2 white beam Torch).

Kit Weight – 234 Grams, Aprox Weight As Will Change as You deploy Kit and Reorganise Without Some Packing etc.

The EDC case housing this kit is made by Hard Case Survival. Please read the below review of this case.

This container is a proven design that has been used by Special Forces for SERE kits for a number of years and is now available to the public. It’s like a mini mess tin that fits into your pocket. It’s suitable for use as an equipment container, a cooking pot, a cup and a digging tool. It’s smaller but slightly thicker than a British tobacco tin so it can hold items such as the Matches Waterproof Safety MK 2 tube that won’t fit in a standard tobacco tin. It will hold a standard sized pack of cigarettes. It’s also slightly more practical as a cooking pot and cup compared to a standard tobacco tin – and it doesn’t rust. The closure method using two Velcro straps is practical, and when the lid is secured a gasket protects the contents from dust and water. The reflective panel inside the lid is a useful location aid. I’ve been using an early version for many years and it’s stood up extremely well during demanding operations in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Overall this is an excellent item of equipment with a proven track record.


Kit Revisions

21st Century Survival apologise in advance, however kit evolves over time with minor tooling differences ,colouring, packaging, manufacturer upgrades and supply ect all outwith our control can and do happen. Sorry again for this…

Revisions to the Dark Arts kit contents listings.

SHOMER-TEC Access Card  “Now in sexy Black” 15/3/17

Oscar Delta Advanced handcuff key (AHK3) ” Now /currently supplied with phosphor coated steel R clip. 15/3/17

Photon  Torch now White Beam MKII  15/3/17



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