Custom Designed Fire Kit


Custom made fire kit by Warpigs.  Includes tinder tabs, ferro rod, striker, fire cord and in a Oscar Delta Go Tube.  Unique product to 21st Century Survival.

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Custom Every Day Carry fire kit, unique kit and custom designed. Made to order.

Compact custom fire kit designed by Warpigs from 21st Century Survival


1 Go Tube from Oscar Delta, customised with SOLAS tape.
6 US Gov Issue Tinder Tabs
1 spare pack of 6 Tinder Tabs
1 small ferro rod
1 micro striker
1 fire cord lanyard

Not any normal fire kit, this is designed to be carried at all times and offers 2 methods of lighting fire.
1. Tinder Tabs. These we import from the USA and are government issue. Tease them apart until half way down and drop in a spark and they will light with ease. Wax impregnated cotton, will light even when wet.
2. Fire Cord, this is the cord created by the recent KickStarter campaign and is basically 550 paracord with an internal fat strand of fire starting material. This is to be used as a backup to the Tinder Tabs in an emergency situation. Extremely pricey but great stuff and a fantastic alternative to para cord for lanyards as it serves a duel purpose. Pull the red internal fat strand out, fluff it up, drop ina spark and WOOOSH. fire smile emoticon
We have placed SOLAS tape around the center of the Go Tube, this is NATO approved and SOLAS stands for Safety Of Life At Sea. This retro reflective tape is used by the military and in marine environments due to its extreme reflective properties, lost your Go Tube in the dark? Flash your torch around and you will soon locate it, try finding black in the dark otherwise. Need rescued in the dark? Use your Go Tube to signal your presence in search lights from far away


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