Covert Hidden In Plain Sight Handcuff Key Set (HIPS)


Covert HIPS handcuff key set designed by Warpigs

Here we have a pack of handcuff keys like no other, all items here are designed specifically to be hidden around your person and clothing with a view to avoiding detection, whether that be by metal detectors or simply by being hidden in plain sight. Included in this sexy black pack are:

2 buckles with hidden handcuff keys, designed to be added to bags, cargo style trousers and shorts, bracelets, pocket enclosures etc.

1 button handcuff key to be sewn onto clothing

1 Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key, this can be clipped to the back of a belt or other places.

1 bootlace handcuff key to be attached/crimped to the end of your lace. This was designed by the CIA for special forces during the cold war era.

2 plastic handcuff keys to be sews onto clothing, shoes, zippers or place of your choosing.

The only metal item here is the bootlace key which acts as a standard aglet for laces, highly visible yet completely undetectable unless looked at very closely.

All these keys will work on standard police issue cuffs and 95% of all cuffs wordwide, excluding Darby cuffs and some specialised cuffs with unique locking mechanisms which are very rare.


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