Pro Covert “HIPS” International Escape Handcuff Key Set.



Part of the “Micro E&E & SERE Equipment Series”.

Advanced Covert Carry & “HIPS” Personal Escape Handcuff Key Set.

Part of the “Micro E&E & SERE Equipment Series” In an attempt to give you a little edge in a tight corner, here we offer our Pro Advanced International  Operators Covert ” HIPS” EDC  Personal Escape  handcuff  key set  for International travellers. This comprehensive range of both covert carry and HIPS “hidden in plane site” handcuff keys  suitable for anyone working in high risk environments. As part of your PEK “personal escape kit” this advanced handcuff key set should ideally be layered throughout the wearers and clothing and footwear to afford the best possible chance of retaining at least one key to help facilitate any future escape attempt in the event of being searched and illegally detained.

Kit Description.

One: Darby Handcuff Escape Toggle.

Especially imported from SHOMER-TEC USA by 21st CENTURY SURVIVAL the UK’s leading supplier of covert handcuff keys and only distributor of the Darby handcuff escape toggle here in the UK . Originally developed by the British MOD  the Darby handcuff restraint escape toggle is intended as a HIPS “hidden in plane site” EDC “every day carry” item and designed to look like a common clothing or travel luggage zipper toggle. Ideal for any Aid Workers, Civilians or VIPs working in or travailing through high risk environments. Prior to the standardisation and mass production of  modern handcuffs the original  Dardy type handcuffs were  manufactured by Hiatt & Co of Birmingham for the British Police force. Hiatt also exported these cuffs in large numbers throughout the former British Empire. Now Manufactured by KUB Industries LTD of Pakistan and currently in service with the Pakistan police force. Darby handcuffs can still be widely encountered throughout the Middle East, Africa and parts of Europe. For this reason alone the Darby Handcuff Escape Toggle has been especially selected for this package.


One: Covert Zipper-Pull Handcuff Key.

Available in the UK only through 21st Century Survival a HIPS universal handcuff key disguised as a common zipper-pull and the perfect EDC “every day carry” item. Made in the USA by Shomer Tec.

One: TIHK Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key.

Easy to attach for the most discreet carry. TIHK is a patent pending handcuff key that utilizes an integrated clip for easy attachment to your clothing so it is ready when needed. Its minimal, low-profile design and low-visibility coating ensure that it can be carried inconspicuously and go undetected when detained. Designed to fit all standard issue handcuffs.

One: Universal Breakaway Button Handcuff Key.

The Universal Button Handcuff Key made from a thermoplastic resin, ideal for beating metal detection. A covert carry key which works on all standard handcuffs, tested by ourselves on rigid TCH 840 police issue handcuffs and Hiatt chained handcuffs.This handcuff key breaks away from its housing and easily stitched/attached onto clothes for discreet placement and also has a pin for double locking.

One: Bootlace Handcuff Key from 5ive Star Gear.

This is the covert metal bootlace handcuff key from 5ive Star Gear products. A very small HIPS item that could easily be your last option. It crimps simply onto the end of your shoe/bootlace and is a universal handcuff key fitting most standard handcuffs. We have tested it on a set of chained Hiatt handcuffs and UK police issue rigid TCH handcuffs.

X 2 Concealed Buckle Handcuff Key.

These small keys are concealed within a buckle, supplies as a pair and intended to be discreetly attached to trousers or shorts cargo pockets, Safari shirt sleeve / pocket, bracelet or bag, and will go completely un-noticed in most cases. Alternatively remove the key from the buckle and tape the key to the inside of your belt. We have tested the key and successfully opened a pair of rigid TCH UK Issue handcuffs 4 times before breaking, it only needs to be useful once.

Note: When bound behind your back with metal handcuffs and without practice the probability of escaping single or double locked handcuffs might be 50 50, without a key, that’s probably a zero % chance. For what its worth, my advice to anyone at risk, traveling through or working in a high risk environments and looking at getting a covert carry handcuff key would be (get a set of police issue handcuffs and practice).



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