Concealed Buckle Plastic Handcuff Keys


Concealed plastic handcuff keys for escape and evasion. Universal key for all standard handcuffs and police issue.

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These small keys are concealed within a buckle, this can be discreetly attached anywhere, on trousers, shorts, bracelet, bag, and will go completely un-noticed in most cases.

We have tested the key and successfully opened a pair of rigid TCH UK Issue handcuffs 4 times before breaking, it only needs to be useful once.

These small keys are tricky to manipulate, some handcuff configurations, especially with the rigid ones, are going to be near impossible to get out of, chained cuffs are a lot easier. However we have succesfully removed rigid cuffs with these.

The key works, a good hidden in plain sight escape and evade item.


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