Bulk 550 Mil Spec Para Cord mil-c-5040h Green


Olive green 550 mil spec paracord mil-c-5040h type III.  Genuine military issue mil spec parachute cord.

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Variable lengths of Camo/Olive Green Mil Spec Paracord straight from the USA for us to sell in the UK.  This is the real Mcoy bought direct from army personnel.  It has a light green striped inner strand as all mil spec should have (although the colour of the strand will very depending on factory)

This particular batch was made in an East Texas factory in July of 2014.

Beware imitations,  only a few people in the UK sell this and even so we are still the only ones that have contacts direct with USA mil personnel.  Just about every other so called mil spec paracord we have found for sale here comes direct from China or imported from China/Hong Kong to be sold in the UK.  One other company we know of does sell what appears to be Mil-Spec however we are still a little suspicious.

We are currently trying to get hold of other colours.

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100ft, 200ft, 500ft


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