British Army Desert Camo Tarp/Basha


British Army Desert Camo Basha / Tarp.  A top quality MOD tarp with loops and brass corner eyelets allowing for multiple shelter configurations.

British Army Desert Camo Tarp / Basha .  A top quality MOD tarp with loops and brass corner eyelets for securing  and allowing for multiple shelter configurations , A- frame , A-frame ridge line , Lean-to , Arrow head, Low-silhouette , Pit-Shelter roof , etc  and multiple handles along the sides for use it as a stretcher or to carry bulky items.


Approx 8″ x 7″ ft (256cm x 213cm).

ORIGINAL Weight before modification a  960g.

If you need a discreet low profile shelter for camping in sand dunes or just  prefer a easy pitch shelter for night fishing along the coast  ( like me ) this is a bombproof ( figuratively speaking that is)  tarp,

For backpackers who like to go fast and light, cut off the stretcher straps,  this will not only drop the weight but make packing away a far easer task, forget  (FOLDING) this tarp neatly in to the bag   ” it’s a pain in the A###,  just stuff it in to the bag” 



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