Pack of 4 ferro rods


Pack of 4 ferro rods with free micro striker as pictured.  (The small silver one) these rods are of the highest quality and will produce a shower of super hot sparks.

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Blank ferrocerium rods of various sizes, these rods are available from us in packs of 4, large medium, micro and super micro for your different kit needs.  We have used these same rods ourselves for years now and find them to be as good, if not better than the hugely more expensive Light My Fire etc, less prone to snapping (eXotac snapped on us) and much better value for money.  Due to these being inexpensive items we are selling them in packs of 4 as it is simply not worthwhile us packing and posting them to you for a few quid each.

You will receive sizes of:

4.0 x 10mm
4.5 x 45mm
8.0 x 80mm
8.0 x 100 mm



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