Basic Carry Tube EDC SERE KIT


Custom designed and created EDC & SERE kit by Warpigs. This is unique to us and not available elsewhere.


This is the new basic E.D.C, S.E.R.E kit, desiged and hand put together by Warpigs

Here in a nice compact Carry Tube we have:

12ft 200lb Kevlar Lazer Line which makes an excellent friction saw, fire bow cord; and very good for tying things up and securing things down. Making tripwire, garroting and various other purposes where an extremely lightweight but strong cord is needed.

A Mil Spec Folding Razor, this is extremely sharp and made to military specifications and indeed handed out to many military personnel and special ops personnel. Various uses and an incredible bit of kit.

A Folding HackSaw with Swiss made Bosch blade. This will cut through wood, plastics and metal and could see you out of many situations as well as provides a handy cutting tool for various survival purposes.

A diamond wire saw, this will cut through ANYTHING other than diamond, is extremely easy to conceal and although it will take time, on testing it cuts away through hardened steel much better than the Bosch blade which itself has advantaes over the diamond wire.

A tiny Inconspicuous thermoplastic clip on handcuff key, for the obvious. Will pass through metal detectors with ease and can be clipped to the back of your belt in aid to avoid most searches. This is the now famous TIHK

A mini ferrocerium rod for creating sparks with a temperature of around 1,650 °C (3,000 °F). Excellent for lighting fire and can be used in conjunction with the….

Gov Issue Tinder Tabs – These replaced the old magnesium block and scraper that used to be issued to the military and will light wet or dry and provide 2 minutes of flame to get a fire going. 4 included.

And a Mil Spec S.E.R.E 14mm button compass with an up 8 hours luminescent face. You are going to need to know where you are going when evading and this is one of the best micro SERE compasses on the market.



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