ASP Pentagon 2 Pawl High Security Handcuff Key.


ASP Pentagon High Security 2 Pawl Handcuff Key, Black.


The ASP Pentagon 2 pawl high security handcuff key is the very latest addition to the 21st Century survival line up, “and what a great key”.  Hammer forged in Stainless Steel then precision machined, heat treated  for strength and finally baked with a lacquer coating for durability.  Without question this is the most adaptable handcuff key currently on the market, not only opening almost all standard  handcuffs but with the added feature of the split pawl flag designed to counter the key blocking blade on some advanced security handcuffs. Fitted with the standard double locking pin this is perhaps one of the most versatile and robust duty key available. The Stainless Steel construction also makes the perfect key for any customising or chop modifications.

If this key was a beer, it would probably be a Carlsberg… 10/10 and 5 stars.



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