Delta Advanced Handcuff Key 3 “AHK3”


The Delta Advanced split flag high security handcuff key with R clip

Out current generation of AHK3  are issued with a very nice phosphate coated steel R clip to which is intended to facilitate  extra concealment options and can also function as a double locking pin.

The Delta AHK3 (Now Supplied with R Clip) split flag key and over size hollow bore is intended to counter large key way pins and blade blocking features on some advanced security handcuffs. The key is of  steel construction with a very nice phosphate coating which is intended for extra durability  but also provides a very nice low profile HIPS colouring.

The Delta AHK3  is without question one of the best E&E/ SERE keys currently available on the market today.

21st Century Survival score 9.5/10.





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