4 natural tinders bushcraft fire kit


Natural fire kit, including Jute, Charcloth, Kapoc and Fat Wood.  Comes in a matte black 2oz tin with a free striker and mini ferro rod.

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All natural 4 types of tinder, fire starting kit with tin, ferro rod and micro striker

Contents as seen in image all came from tin in image, this is packed into a 2oz tobacco tin and we have not scrimped on contents.

Kapoc – a natural water resistant fiber which is known for its properties of easily catching any spark. 2 packs.

Jute lengths – fluff it up and drop a spark in to create fire, jute is a naturally occurring vegetable fibre. 1 large pack.

Char cloth – used for centuries this holds a spark and produces a fiery hot ember for fire lighting. 3 packs with multiple layers in each pack.

Fatwood – fatwood comes from old tree stumps and are naturally resin soaked. They will burn for an age and are an excellent tinder for getting your fire roaring. 3 sections supplied.

We have also included a free mini ferro rod and striker in case you do not have one.

All this is packed into a 2 oz matte black tin and enough to create many many fires. An excellent natural tinder tin.


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