Hard Case Survival Stowage Tin


Hard Case Survival Stowage Tin.

 A solid  dependable stowage tin with 2 velcro straps for closure , rubber seal and  high-intensity Silver Retro-Reflective panel attached to inside of lid. Dust proof and water resistant.


Hard Case Survival Tin
This container is a proven design that has been used by Special Forces for SERE kits for a number of years and is now available to the public. It’s like a mini mess tin that fits into your pocket. It’s suitable for use as an equipment container, a cooking pot, a cup and a digging tool. It’s smaller but slightly thicker than a British tobacco tin so it can hold items such as the Matches Waterproof Safety MK 2 tube that won’t fit in a standard tobacco tin. It will hold a standard sized pack of cigarettes. It’s also slightly more practical as a cooking pot and cup compared to a standard tobacco tin – and it doesn’t rust. The closure method using two Velcro straps is practical, and when the lid is secured a gasket protects the contents from dust and water. The reflective panel inside the lid is a useful location aid. I’ve been using an early version for many years and it’s stood up extremely well during demanding operations in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Overall this is an excellent item of equipment with a proven track record.
Hard anodized coating suitable for cooking
2 Replaceable Velcro straps
High-Intensity Silver Retro-Reflective Reflexite, attached to inside of lid.
Dust proof and water resistant
Outside dimensions: 2-1/2″W x 4″L x 1-1/4″D
Weight: 3.2oz


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