SERE Compass Brass


Brass SERE compass from County Comms, very limited edition.

NSN: Pending

S.E.R.E. Compass (Compass, Magnetic, Unmounted)

These compact compasses are usually seen in Aircrew Survival Kits and seldom seen by the public. This production run was delivered last month and we were fortunate enough to get some of the extras.


Overall Height: 0.213 inches nominal
Overall Diameter: 0.75 inches nominal
Case Material: Machined Brass
Crystal Type: Acrylic
Instrument Type: DRY (will not freeze or develop bubbles)
Diameter: 0.750 inches nominal
Inscription: Degrees
Graduation Range: +0.0/+360.0
Smallest Increment: 22.5 degrees
Special Features : Din sealed brass case; threaded with 45 lb braided nylon fish line;
compass card has prominent luminious paint markings.

Limited Introduction From Surplus


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